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Leitreanna's family includes her husband, Matthew Brown, and their children, Mia Brown-Smith and Elijah Brown. They all have different degrees of psychic abilities, with Matthew specializing in analytical skills and technical experience, having grown up in a haunted environment. Together, they founded the Paranormal Research Organization of the Southeast (PROS) and Family Spirit International (the paranormal research and investigations of the Brown Family). Leitreanna Brown, along with her family, has been featured in several publications and television shows related to the paranormal, such as Paranormal Underground Magazine, My Ghost Story Caught on Camera, The Ghost Inside My Child, and Paranormal Witness. She has also been a guest on various radio programs, including Coast to Coast, Demonology Today, and many more. Leitreanna is an active speaker at paranormal conventions, and she is affiliated with Dominion Ministries as a founding member. Leitreanna Terry-Brown and her family's paranormal TV talk show, "Family Spirit International," has a significant online presence. Airing on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Roku channels provides them with a wide-reaching audience, allowing them to share their knowledge and experiences in the paranormal field with a broad range of viewers. This multi-platform approach can help them connect with people interested in supernatural and paranormal topics across various social media and streaming platforms. Leitreanna and her family have authored five books in the paranormal and supernatural genre. These books cover a range of topics, including family experiences, parapsychology, psychic abilities in children, and more. The availability of their books on popular platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Books a Million, and Barnes and Noble makes them accessible to a wide readership, allowing those interested in the paranormal to explore their insights and knowledge on these subjects. Their works offer valuable resources for individuals seeking information and understanding in the field of the supernatural. The Five books included in the Family Spirit series so far include Family Spirit, Five Generations of the Supernatural, Parapsychology 101, So, You Think Your Kid is Psychic, Your Psychic Connection, and Tales in the Dark. All these books can be found on Amazon, Walmart, Books a Million, Good Reads, and Barnes and Noble. Leitreanna Terry-Brown has been involved in several notable television programs related to the paranormal, including "My Ghost Story Caught on Camera," "Ghost Inside My Child," and "Haunted Hospitals." Additionally, she has recently been featured in all episodes of "REPOSSESSED," which is available on Hulu and the History Channel in Canada. This further demonstrates her active participation in the field of paranormal research and her presence in various media outlets.

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