FAMILY SPIRIT INTERNATIONAL – is a research organization AND NETWORK PROGRAM of talented and experienced investigators, spiritualists, demonologists, UFO researchers, cryptozoologists, and the like, from many diverse fields of study that are dedicated to researching, documenting, and validating supernatural phenomenon through the use of state of the art equipment, spiritual techniques, and first hand experience.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients with any and all paranormal issues and concerns including extreme cases.


If any of the preceding are found during an investigation and are unwanted, we will do everything we can to educate, support, and facilitate our clients with dealing with their findings.
As a group of dedicated investigators we will take all steps necessary to seek out, find, and document any supernatural activity. We will use a scientific approach in all investigations and not make claims until all evidence is collected and analyzed. We will use a skeptics point of view to ensure the authenticity of evidence and rule out any false findings.

We will treat residents, investigation locations, and properties with utmost respect and conduct our investigations in a courteous and professional manner.

After a complete and thorough investigation, all findings will be presented to the requesting individuals with a complete explanation as to what was found. If a removal is requested and we as a group to assist and remove haunting entities. Copies of all findings will be provided to all clients.