Stories of the Paranormal –As we investigate, we have many people share stories with us concerning personal experiences, family and friend experiences or local folklore concerning the paranormal. Below, we have included some of these stories. We have omitted the name(s) and location(s) since these stories are told to us often times in confidence.

The See Saw at the orphanage – back in the 1970’s, at an orphanage, two children were playing on a see saw.  One of the children jumped off of their side leaving the child on the other end to bang hard on the ground which broke their neck.  Now, many people have called us to go out to the property because they hear the see saw still squeaking.

The Man in the Hallway –  Told by 3 ladies (happened in 1940′)-

As I sat and sipped my coffee, the lady told me of her paranormal experience.  She told me about a little girl that came to visit her often. The little girl was about 5 years old.  She came in, sat down at the kitchen table and waited on her snack.  Once the lady prepared the snack for the little girl, she told the child to go wash her hands.  The child walked down the hall and suddenly the lady heard the child scream a most blood chilling scream.  Once the little girl calmed down, the lady comforted the child and asked what she saw.  The child said that she saw an old man appear in the hallway. After the lady searched the entire house and did not find an old man, she walked the child home.  On the way home, she told a neighbor what happened to the child. The neighbor replied that the child must have seen the old man that died in the home 2 years previously.   The man was a nice man but I am sure that the child did not expect the man to suddenly appear!


Haunted Cemetary: SC – told by 2 brothers in 1980’s- (happened in 1950’s)

Both brothers were very nervous about talking about their paranormal experience.  Since these brothers were Fathers now, they refused to discuss the matter in front of their young children.  We went to the front porch, I started my recorder, and the youngest brother began the story.

The youngest brother was sent by the Mother to find the elder brother.  The elder brother was in the Cemetary with his best buddies and they were hiding from their Mothers because they were smoking cigarettes.  The elder brother chimed in that he did not want his younger brother to tell on him so he started yelling at him to go home and he would come home soon.  Before continuing the story, both of the brothers fell silent while looking at each other waiting to see who would begin first.  “You go first since you saw it first,” the elder brother said to the younger.  The younger brother began, “I saw the figure rising from the ground and finally coming full form behind by brother and his friends.  It floated across the ground toward us.  I could not speak but pointed and groaned.”  The elder brother took over the story from there.  “I turned around and pointed at the apparition.  The other guys turned around and saw it too.  We started running from it and throwing rocks at it.  The next day, the guys and I returned making sure that my younger brother did not come back there.  We saw all of the rocks stacked on top of one of the graves.”  After a long silence, the elder brother then said, “I will never talk about this again so do not ask me about it.”  

The Witch Sisters – their Family Homestead – and the curse they created – 1800’s

This home was built in 1800’s. It is a typical old southern farmhouse with slave quarters and family cemetery.   It sits on about 20-30 acreage across from rolling acreage connected to the farm. The home was originally wooden and had white siding added sometime in the 70’s or so. The King family has had it in the family possession since anyone’s recollection. The sisters were known witches. Their fairly wealthy family never received any grief from the sisters known dark arts but everyone knew. After 2 family members died on the property from unknown causes, the sisters moves off of the farm but continued to use the home as a location for their coven especially since several slaves were Hung in the ‘hanging tree’ in their front yard.   After the sisters started their own families, their family home was rented out to several families. One such family consisted of a man, wife and two children.  The husband was not really a church going man but the wife was and always took the children with her.  After living into the home family arguments erupted. The husband could not sleep. Complaining of agitation, the husband said he would sleep in while the family went to church one Sunday.  When the family came home they found the man of the home swinging in the ‘hanging tree’ where he had hung himself so that the family could find them there when they came home (according to his suicide note.)

Another family moved in, and a teenager of the family committed suicide. Another family moved in and another teenager committed suicide, jumping from the roof breaking his neck. The local town rumored that six people total died in the home.  The house fell in disarray.  Finally, my client’s family found the home.  My client’s mother, Diane, was expecting her sixth child. She did not have lots of money and her husband was taking classes in a local college.  In trade for the deposit, Diane made a deal with the sisters to paint, clean, and plant a garden where she would give the sisters some vegetables.  Once she started cleaning, Diane got sick and very weak. She couldn’t sleep. Finally, her fatigue created problems with her pregnancy to the point where her uterus broke and she had to be bed ridden. Her two oldest children, JP (then 17) and Tommy (then 15), took over cleaning and fixing up the home. The other siblings complained to Diane, JP , Tommy and Harry (the father) about seeing a man at the garden steps under the big tree in the yard and he would not let them pass.  The oldest girl, Sherry, said that her room was cold even though the brother on the other side of the room did not. Meanwhile the older brothers continued battling the strangest problems such as snakes in the large tree in the front yard where the snakes would plummet down on people below, hornets in every chimney that, during removal of the nests, hornets surrounded them stinging them all over but after praying over the stings the sores disappeared.

Finally, Sherry, while going to the bathroom one night some everyone up falling down the steps which screaming.  She claimed that someone pushed her.  Diane decided to spiritually declare warfare on the home.  She took sage torches throughout the house, walked around the home several times reciting scriptures referencing the wall of Jerico, and she anointed every window, door, and person with oil.  Finally, the power bill went up to $700.  When the power company came out to inspect the home, they watched the needle on the meter running at a rapid state.  The power company offered no explanation. The family was forced to move out.  When the sisters came to get the keys and inspect the home, the sisters were furious because they claimed the home did not have any spirits and they would have to call them back.  After the family moved the last box, the sisters immediately started their ritual claiming they would summon an elemental to guard the spirits preventing anyone from being able to clear the home.

After my Tommy married, he told me about the home often and requested an investigation at the old homestead. He finally took me there.  The stories intrigued me so I packed up and decided to get to the bottom of the mysteries of this home.  While coming into the property, one of my investigators were “hit” in the stomach. He doubled over in pain.  Realize the farm home is now a hunting lodge for infrequent hunters – friends of the sister’s family.  After I explained what a K2 meter is and how it works, I immediately started getting hits. I felt like I heard a voice screaming in my ears (get out of here)!!  The spirit by way of K2 admitted it never lived before, it wanted me to leave, and it was responsible for the man at the steps my husband’s brothers and sisters talked about, running up the power bill and pushing Sherry down the stairs.  While we were investigating, I was eating a McDonald’s’s ice cream. They are a weakness for me. Anyway, I was toward the bottom of the cup and it started tasting like pure salt. It was awful!! I went back to the car with the half empty cup and did not tell anyone because, what would be the point? What did salt have to do with anything? I did not think about it again until one of my investigators started spitting saying it felt like someone poured salt in his mouth.  The entity admitted he was responsible.  EVP turned up nothing due to cars passing by and other animal sounds making interference.  I had a dream that night that the home was like starving cats and rats swarming all over each other of which neither could die or depart from the home.

I wish I could set these entities free. Obviously there are much worse things than death.

I can forward the videos, photos and written statements documenting all of this. Oh, something interesting is that a friend of mine looked into their book of shadows and found a spell bound in salt that would achieve what the sisters said about the elemental.