About T.  Matthew Brown

As Matthew’s wife, I feel I am most qualified to write his Bio since our lives have been intertwined since the day we met.  If I told you our love story that transcends time, you would never believe it was reality and yet it is and here we are after 15 years together.


I believe that Matthew’s personality of analytical, spiritual, and creative makes him a perfect investigator.  He is a soldier so he can be incredibly fearless and has faced evil living in 2 very haunted homes as a young child and teenager.  He lived in a Civil War Hospital and finally the infamous Haunted House on the road to Savannah that we are writing a book about.  We have several videos on YouTube one going viral and have had several shows about this home.  It certainly was a life changing experience for him.  It left a “stain” on his memory (if you will) and he battled the evil in that home successfully.  After we married, we discovered how many experiences my family and his family had with the paranormal.  Most of the experiences were such that our families were called to help people through serious issues of spiritual nature.  We decided to take the family’s abilities further and organize a group, Family Spirit and PROS.  He is the Leader without a doubt.  He organizes, trains, reviews evidence with a fine toothed comb and sharp eye knowing his honor is at stake with any evidence he reveals to the public.


He has the innate ability to know what an entity will respond to also.  We have had many instances where entities were frightened by men and when our ladies investigated, entities were forthcoming with communication.  We have also had the reverse.  Matthew’s amazing knowledge of history helps us confirm our evidence with history. Between Matthew’s history input along with Ed’s we have quite a team.  Matthew  is trained as a genealogist which helps with our evidence review and confirmations and may teach classes in the upcoming future.


Matthew Brown is the backbone of Family Spirit and Paranormal PROS.  He is a Reiki Master, Electrician, Mechanical Technician and never gets lost on the way to investigations where I ALWAYS DO!

I am so proud to have a husband, teammate, and best friend like Matthew Brown.  Watch for more of our adventures.  We never know what we are going to get into!